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Saturday, 10 March 2018 //

Time for BRUCS

Ama Waterways

LONDON (qs) -- To make things sound catchy, we have acronyms. BRICS for emerging economies, and now BRUCS for ‘emerging study destinations’. The candidates are Brazil–Rhineland–UAE–China–Singapore. These are, according to QS, new higher-education markets that are becoming increasingly relevant for students. The only European member is the Rhine-land which refers to Germany and Netherlands with astrong research base ... read more 7.3.18

Friday, 9 March 2018 //

German surprise minister

image: CC  	J.-H. JanßenBERLIN (science) -- In a surprise move, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has chosen little-known lawmaker Anja Karliczek as the country’s next minister of education and research. Karliczek has a background in banking and business but little experience in science and education policy.
Karliczek is expected to have some money to play with. The coalition agreement promises an increase of 3 percent per year for research agencies and increasing research spending from 2.9 of GDP to 3.5 percent ...
read more 27.02.2018

Too few women authors on research papers

LONDON (nature) -- An analysis of research papers in 15 prestigious journals indicates that the proportion of female authors has been consistently low over the past 13 years. This under-representation negatively affects the careers of thousands of female scientists ... read more 07.03.2018

UK-EU, half in, half out

signBRUSSELS (s|b) -- Brussels wants the UK in EU research programmes after Brexit, but rejected their bid to become an associate member of regulatory bodies including the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EU, a statement says, “will preserve its autonomy as regards its decision-making, which excludes participation of the UK as a third country [in] EU Institutions, agencies or bodies” ... read more 8.3.18

Thursday, 8 March 2018 //

Switzerland: The black sheep of university privatisation

image: coinBERN (swi) -- The industry-funded think-tank Avenir Suisse dislikes the incredible success of state-sponsored higher education in Switzerland. In a 96-pager it cannot but praise the successs of the country with six world-class universities and a 70 percent increase in public education spending since 2000, but good is not enough: tuition fees are not high enough, double courses should be streamlined. But universities and students alike do not agree ... read more xx.02.2018

US still dominates global higher education market

LONDON (pienews) -- With the last snow, equally fast melting news come from the latest Quacquarelli Symonds universities ranking ... read more 28.2.18

Italian universities charged excessive fees

ROME (repubblica) -- Italian universities have charged —illegally— excessively high tuition fees, the Italian student union UDU revealed in a report. Based on public figures, the report shows that in 2015 alone universities have cashed in 269 million euros above the limit set by law. After the University of Pavia had been sentenced to repay 8 million euros in 2016, a sword of Damocles is hanging now over the entire sector ... read more 02.03.2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018 //

UK wants new move on Open Access policy

image: Foreign & Commonwealth Office CCLONDON (nature) -- The UK’s main public research funder will reassess its open-access policy, amid concern that a national drive to make papers free to read might not be financially sustainable. A new UK Research and Innovation body will unite nine UK research-funding agencies in April and, said its chief executive, Mark Walport, conduct an internal review of the policy this year ... read more | and here 01.03.2018

Denmark pushes for European debt collection agency

COPENHAGEN (uwn) -- “Denmark is not to be a ‘gift heaven’ where we let foreign citizens leave without repaying their debts,” tax minister Karsten Lauritzen said. He and science minister Søren Pind want to persuade the European Commission to agree to a Union-wide initiative for student debt recovery across member states ... read more 01.03.2018

4th edition of the European Universities Games

image: EUSALJUBLJANA (eusa) -- Starting in July 15, Coimbra will host the fourth edition of the European Universities Games. The registrations for the largest university sport event in Europe are open until March 15. The Games will feature Badminton, Basketball, Football, Futsal, Handball, Judo, Rowing, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Canoe Sprint ... read more 22.2.18