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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 //

No place for international students in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM (trajectum) -- The housing shortage in Amsterdam is forcing some international students to sleep in cars, campsites and hostels, and many who can’t find accommodation simply head home. The opposition party has submitted a motion for a new student housing plan, but education minister, Jet Bussemaker says that universities need to be honest with prospective international students, that they will have difficulty finding somewhere to stay ... read more 12.19.2017

1,000 Italian professors strike over pay

FIRENZE (repubblica) -- Almost a thousand professors have decided to strike against a pay freeze, cancelling the first exams scheduled for autumn. The protest, which was organised on a national level by “Movement for the Dignity of the University Degree”, involved almost nine thousand professors from 79 Italian universities ... read more 11.10.2017

Jordanian students keen on Erasmus+

AMMAN (menafn) -- Over 2,000 Jordanian students pre-registered to attend the Study in Europe Fair in the Jordanian Capital to find opportunities through around 30 educational institutions from 14 European countries. In the last three years, 1,300 Jordanians, both students and teaching staff, have gone to Europe through Erasmus+ funding ... read more 12.10.2017

Monday, 16 October 2017 //

Possible Brexit damages for UK science

image: eu2017eeBRUSSELS/LONDON (guardian) -- The European Commission introduced a note on its research and innovation portal last week, which says that if the UK withdraws from the EU without an agreement with Brussels, British researchers funded under the Horizon 2020 programme will lose access to their grants. UK universities minister, Jo Johnson, however, wants British universities to continue close research collaboration with their European peers ... read more | and here 12.10.2017

Russian industry universities receive extra money

MOSCOW (rg) -- The State Duma Committee on Education and Science has proposed to grant additional financial support to specialised institutions of higher education. The objective is to create basic industrial higher education institutions in the regions with more decisionmaking autonomy ... read more

New accreditation system for Czech universities

coat of armsPRAGUE (novinky) -- The Charles University in Prague has become the first Czech university to apply for institutional accreditation. The new system was brought in by an updated version of the Higher Education Act, and it allows establishments to independently cancel or modify study programs ... read more 12.10.2017

Saturday, 14 October 2017 //

Hackers target universities

image: ESNA

LONDON (filehippo) -- In the US, cyberattacks on colleges and universities have seen a noticeable increase in the past year or so, and with the abundance of data the schools store on their students, it’s not hard to see why. But a new report from the Times found that hackers are attacking UK universities with a much bigger goal in mind: proprietary research information. Some UK universities were being hit by as many as 1,000 cyberattacks per month ... read more 18.09.2017

Friday, 13 October 2017 //

Spanish universities not delivering what companies want

logoMADRID (ecomista) -- Nearly half of the Spanish universities don’t consider their training plans in digital competitions to be aligned with the demand of the private sector. This indicates a broader disconnect between the current training in the technological fields, such as the Internet of Things and the needs of companies, according to a survey conducted by Cotec on 29 educational institutions ... read more 10.10.2017

‘European Campus’ to overcome national localism

BADEN (badische zeitung) -- Five universities from Germany, France and Switzerland, part of the Eucor project, have plans to transcend their borders and become a model European project for cooperation in science. They want to be one of 20 in one ‘European Campus’ as mentioned by president Emanuel Macron in his speech at the Sorbonne in 2014 — but national regulations and funding schemes are still a big hindrance ... read more 12.10.2017