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Thursday, 24 January 2019 //

Hungarian Students Lead the Charge for Democracy

BUDAPEST (nation) -- In response to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s refusal to sign an agreement allowing Central European University to continue operating in Hungary, thus forcing the university out of the country and into Vienna, the student-led group ‘Free University’ (‘Szabad Egyetem’) has broadened the spectrum of their protests to demonstrate against Orbán’s despotic regime as a whole ... read more 16.01.2019

Berlin, Hamburg, Jena and Dresden Unite

BERLIN (iw) -- Universities from Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Jena will each receive €250,000 in funding from the Joachim Herz Foundation to expand their promotion of natural sciences and to provide better services to students already enrolled in the degree subject ... read more 15.01.2019

Security on Campus Increased After Murder

ANKARA (hurriyet) -- Turkey’s Higher Education Board, YÖK, have introduced new security measures for universities across the country following the murder of a female lecturer earlier this month. Research assistant Ceren Damal Şenel was shot dead by a student after he was caught cheating in an exam at Çankaya University ... read more 16.01.2019

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 //

In or Out? UK Must Decide on Horizon Europe

BERLIN (sb) -- Berlin science policy leaders want Britain to stay in the EU’s Horizon programme after Brexit, but only as a full associate member. The UK shouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose which parts of the EU’s big research programme it can join post-Brexit, according to some leading German science policy makers ... read more 10.01.2019

Joint Brexit Plea to Politicians

BERLIN (iw) -- Leading university groups Russell Group and German U15 have issued a joint statement urging their respective governments to continue to promote research cooperation between the two countries after Brexit. The two groups met in Berlin and released the statement demanding the continuation of research partnerships and funding from the governments post-Brexit ... read more 14.01.2019

Fire, Fire!

LYON (euronews) -- Lyon 1 University was ablaze last week after a gas bottle explosion, resulting from building works, caused a large fire to break out on the roof of one of the university’s buildings. The university was evacuated and three people suffered minor injuries in the incident ... read more 17.01.2019

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 //

Asian students caught out in Czech education scam

 photo: archive of Ministry of EducationPRAGUE (radiocz) -- An apparent scam offering students from southeast Asia the chance to undertake higher education in the Czech Republic has led to an investigation into legality of six foreign institutions that claim to be universities. The Czech education ministry has fined these institutions for offering higher education without obtaining the required permission. Deputy Minister of Education Pavel Doleček spoke about two institutions facing criminal complaints ... read more 08.01.2019

UK: University pension fears calmed

LONDON (uwn) -- The threat of industrial action by university staff in the UK continuing in 2019 now looks less likely after the deficit in Britain’s largest private-sector pension scheme was halved. It is estimated that the plan’s deficit now stands at £3.6 billion, compared with £7.5 billion in 2017, after the 2017 valuation was deemed incorrect by a an independent expert panel ... read more | background 11.01.2019

Monday, 21 January 2019 //

Murder at Çankaya University, Ankara

image: Çankaya UniversityANKARA (ahval) -- A female academic has been murdered by her own student in Ankara because she had caught him cheating. The murder follows a string of violent incidents that have taken place over the past few months in Turkish universities. The Ministry of Interior and the higher education council, YÖK, are set to introduce measures aimed at lessening this threat ... read more 5.1.19

British Universities Fearful of a No-Deal Brexit

BRUSSELS (spiegel) -- More than 150 British universities warn that the prospect a no-deal Brexit is a great threat to higher education in the UK. An open letter sent to all Members of Parliament expresses the concern that UK institutions could be left in the cold regarding European Research Council support measures after Brexit ... read more 04.01.2019

‘Digital Detox’ for Leicester Students

image: amazonLEICESTER (bbc) -- De Montfort University, in Leicester, will be switching off its social media feed for five days as a way of trying to encourage its students to have their own ‘digital detox’. The move is designed to highlight the potential negative impacts of overusing social media on the mental health of young people. In the UK, where more than 9 in ten teenagers have mobiles, a study found that in schools where they were banned, the test scores of 16-year-olds improved by 6.4 percent ... read more 15.01.2019